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May 27, 2017
The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God by Lise Lunge-Larsen

Body Type


Average Height


Average Weight

450 lbs

Special Adaptations

Their body density is three times denser than normal human beings, contributing to their superhuman strength and weight. Their superior physical vitality enables them to harness magic more easily than humans though both races possess some extent of mystical potential.

Place of Birth



The Asgardians are an extra-dimensional race of beings who were worshiped as gods by the Scandinavian and Germanic tribes of Western Europe. Their origins are shrouded in myth, making it difficult to nail down the truth of all of the stories written about them. According to Norse myths, the giant Ymir traveled the icy wastes of Northern Europe with a giant cow named Audhumbla. The cow began to lick the ice until she uncovered a humanoid entity named Buri, who emerged from the ice.[citation needed]

Buri possibly took one of Ymir's children as a wife, producing his sons, Bor, Mimir and Njord.[citation needed]

Bor eventually succeeded Buri, and Njord left to found Vanaheim and the Vanir.[citation needed]

Bor also mated with a giantess, producing four sons: Cul, [citation needed]Odin, Vili and Ve. The three latter young gods in time slew Ymir and used his remains to create the Earth and the heavens. It is not known how much of this account is accurate and it might be apocryphal.[citation needed]


Odin and his brothers then at some point faced Surtur, in a conflict in which Villi and Ve seemed to die. Odin fathered other Asgardians, but at some point, Asgard and its enemies fell in the first Ragnarök. Out of this emerged Those Who Sit Above in Shadow, beings who fed on the continual reincarnation of the Asgardians and Ragnaroks. Buri, going into seclusion, remained apart from this cycle.[citation needed]

Aesir and Vanir eventually became rivals.

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A generation ago as Gods perceive time, the young king Odin of the Aesir tried to force the union of the two tribe, and went to war with Freyr and the people of Vanaheim. Seemingly over a matter of pride, Freyr refused to bend, and received support from Surtur of Muspelheim. The war ultimately ended with a peace treaty and marriage between the two royal families, as Odin was betrothed to Freyr's daughter Freyja. Their union marked the union of the two people.

No matter the peace, and despite the fact that the records of the war were destroyed, a certain grudge existed among the Vanir towards the Aesir and Asgard remained, even beared by Njord, who despised Odin's race. Although, Vanir and Aesir mixed, and couples were wed at the Temple of Union.

Angels/Asgardians relations

During Midgard Prehistory, Asgardians used to mistreat the Earth-Folk.

In order to protect them, Odin secretly hired the Angels of Heven, the Tenth Realm, to protect the humans from the Gods.

The Queen of Angels was paid by the Jotuns to devise a strategy against the Asgardians, causing the alliance of all Asgard's enemies. She offered Odin to pay her to betray them in return and abort the war, an offer Odin refused, leading to war. During the Final Battle, the Queen seemingly killed Aldrif Odinsdottir, royal heir of Aesir and Vanir blood. In retaliation, Odin had the Heven separated from the other Nine Realms and sealed in their space, and Freyja had their dead always headed to Hel as a race of slaves for Hela.

With Aldrif's apparent death, no royal heir was known, meaning that the Aesir and Vanir remained two conjoined tribes instead of a single one. After that loos, Freyja was unable to want another child.

Gods to the humans

It is believed that the Asgardians were first accepted as gods at some point after 18, 500 BCE.[citation needed]

The Unbeing

The cosmic entity the Unbeing, while impersonating the other cosmic entity Origin, claimed that Origin had directed the Asgardians to seek out Earth. Circa 10, 000 BCE, Woden (an alternate name for Odin) and other deities were frequently invoked by human beings, and there existed a culture of the Nordheimr, whose people called themselves the Vanir and Aesir. The Nordheimr also worshiped Ymir and his first daughter, Atali. They continued to do so up to roughly 8, 000 BCE when harsh events forced many Nordheimr, such as Niord Worm's Bane to migrate to the Vilayet Sea, which became the Caspian Sea. These migrating Nordheimr became the ancestors of the Aryans.[citation needed]

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