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January 24, 2017
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(Maa-Emoinen) An earth mother goddess of the Finno-Ugric and consort of Ukko, the supreme sky god. She is also called Rauni, which is from rönn, Swedish for rowan, her sacred tree. Her festival was celebrated on the fifteenth of July.
Nordic war goddesses (see also Valkyries).
A maiden who dressed as a warrior to avoid being taken in marriage by King Alf. Only when they engaged in a fight to the death (almost), and he proved to be as strong as she, did she agree to mate with him.
She is the sun in Norse mythology. "Glory of elfs" is the meaning of the name. Other names were also used. A chariot driven by a girl was thought to be the sun. Two horses pulled the chariot; their names were Arvak and Alsvid. Because she was being pursued by the wolf, Skoll, she drove very fast. Before the world ends, she will have a daughter. Then Skoll will eat her, and her daughter will take her place. The sun does not give off light but gives heat. The horse's mane gave off light.
A giantess and the mate or mistress of the trickster Loki. Angrboda ("herald of sorrow") spawned three monsters: the gigantic wolf Fenrir, the Midgard Serpent Jormungand, and the goddess of the death Hel. The gods abducted the children from her hall when they learned just how dangerous they were.
The Askefruer, or "Ash Maidens, " are a northern variation on a common mythological theme: spirits, often depicted as human women, inhabiting trees. The ash tree was particularly important to ancient northerners: the World Tree, the axis about which the world revolved, was the ash tree Yggdrasil.

In Norse mythology, Astrild is the goddess of love.

Asynjur, the
(Asynjor, the)The name of the Norse goddesses who belong to the Aesir. The goddess Frigg is the chief among them. Alternately, they are the female attendants of Frigg at Vingolf, the Hall of the Goddesses. Included in their number are sometimes the Valkyries and the Norns.

Atla is a water goddess and daughter of Ran.

The primeval cow on whose milk the Giant Ymir fed. She was created from the melting ice at the beginning of time. She sustained herself by licking the salt and hoar frost from the ice of Niflheim. According to the Prose Edda 'four rivers of milk ran from her teats'.

A Lapland goddess who heralded the arrival of spring.

The daughter of Ymir (father of the giants) or of Bolthorn ('evil thorn'). She is the wife of Bor and the mother of Odin, Vili and Ve.

Servant of Freyr, wife of Byggvir. Her name is thought to be related to a word for "cow", and she the protectress of dairy work; the alternate suggestion is that "Beyla" is related to "bee", so that Beyla and Byggvir might be the givers of mead and ale.

One of the Asynjor. One day Hjuki and Bil were returning from the spring with a bucket of water when they were siezed by the moon god Mani, and they have followed him ever since, visible from earth. This may have been an explanation for two asteroids between earth and the moon, which have since disappeared. It may also be the origin of the Jack & Jill nursery rhyme.


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