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August 19, 2017
Italian Gods And Goddesses - Goddesses and Gods

Andvarinaut is a cursed magic ring that every ninth day, eight new rings will drop out of Andvarinaut. The eight new rings is of equal quality as Andvarinaut. There is also a ring called Draupnir, that had the same abilities, but it’s not cursed.

Bodn is a jar, and one of the three containers in which the blood of Kvasir is kept. The two other is called Odrorir and Son.

Brisingamen: Flaming Glowing

Brisingamen is a beautiful golden necklace, given to the Goddess Freya. Brisingamen was made by the four dwarves Alfrigg, Berling, Dvalin, and Grerr.

The giant Hymer has a large cauldron that the Gods needs for brewing mead.

Dainsleif is a sword made by the dwarves Dain. The sword is cursed, once drawn it must kill a man before it can be returned to the sheath. A strike from this cursed sword, never failed to kill or cause a serious wound that will never heal.

Draupnir is a golden ring forged by the dwarves Brokk and Eitri. Every ninth day eight new rings will drop out of Draupnir. The eight new rings is of equal quality as Draupnir.

Dromi is the second of the three chains which was used by the Gods to bind the Fenrir wolf.

Eldhrimnir: Soot Blackened

Eldhrimnir is a cauldron in which the boar Saehrimnir, is cooked every night for the Gods and heroes in Valhalla.

Gjallar is the horn that the God Heimdall, the guard of Bifrost owns. When he blows it, the horn can be heard in all the nine worlds. This is the horn that Heimdall, will blow at Ragnarok, “The end of the world”.

Gioll is the rock, which the leash of the Fenrir wolf is attached to.

Gleipnir is the leash that the dwarves made to bind the Fenris wolf.
The leash is as light as a silk ribbon, but stronger than an iron chain. The leash is made of six ingredients:

The sound of a cat’s walk
The beard of a woman
The roots of a mountain
The sinews of a bear
The breath of a fish
The spittle of a bird

It’s Odin’s magical spear that always hits its mark and always kills. Gungnir means “Swaying one” it is made from Yggdrasils Sacred ash. Odin has also written his magic runes, onto Gungnir.

Hofund is the sword of the God Heimdall.

Hringhorni is the longship of the God Balder.

Járnglófar: Iron gauntlets

Loeding is the first of the three chains that the Fenrir wolf was bound to

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